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Father and Child

Early Head Start

Child with legos smiling

Geminus Early Head Start programs serve infants, toddlers and pregnant women and their families who have incomes below the federal poverty level. Early Head Start programs were established in recognition of the mounting evidence that the earliest years matter a great deal to a child’s growth and development.

Early Head Start programs provide early, individualized child development and parent education services to low-income families. It enables parents to be better caregivers and teachers to their children and helps them meet their own goals, including economic independence. There is an appropriate mix of home visits, experiences at the Early Head Start centers and other settings such as family or center-based child care. The program provides early learning opportunities for infants and toddlers with or without disabilities to grow and develop in a nurturing and inclusive setting.

Early Head Start connects families with other service providers at the local level to ensure that a comprehensive array of health, nutrition and other services are provided to the families.

Geminus Early Head Start programs coordinate with Geminus Head Start and other development programs in order to ensure continuity for these children and their families. Learn more about our other Head Start programs.