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Department of Child Services and Court Programs

Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) partners with Geminus to assist in court-ordered child and family issues. Together, we work with families to ensure that every child has a safe, permanent home. And, we help families access resources, support and information that ease stress and improve the quality of life for their children.

Stop domestic abuse


Sadly, Hoosiers are no strangers to domestic violence, but there is help. The Abuse Intervention Management program offered by Geminus (DCS Batterer’s Intervention) teaches skills to individuals in domestic violence situations so they can help end the cycle of abuse.

Wraparound Program

Emotional and behavioral problems can be challenging for families to deal with. The Circle Around Families program administered by Geminus is referral-based. The program provides individualized care and coping strategies for children dealing with struggles.


Father Engagement

Being a single dad can be hard, but the father engagement program (Geminus Real Fathers Initiative) can help make it a bit easier. Through home-based services and education support groups, this program teaches dads effective parenting skills and daily tasks like meal prep and homework help, to give them a better understanding of what it takes to be a better parent.


Older Youth Services

Older Youth Services supports teens aging out of the foster care system. Teens receive the tools needed to build and maintain a strong foundation as they transition into adulthood. A variety of services is offered including case management, housing assistance and financial literacy training.