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Father Engagement

Mission Statement

Geminus’ Father Engagement Program, Real Fathers Initiative, mission statement is: To increase involvement by fathers and their families in the lives of their children; by providing prevention and intervention programs for non-custodial fathers in the child welfare and juvenile justice system.

Geminus collaborates with the Indiana Department of Child Services to engage fathers in their children’s lives. With our assistance and support, fathers will improve safety, stability, well-being, and permanency for their children.

The program is a home based community program that works to accomplish the goal of engaging and empowering fathers as well as engaging paternal family members to become involved in the lives of their children.

The Real Fathers Initiative services include but are not limited to:

  • Case management
  • Housing assistance
  • Parent education
  • Parenting/Family Functioning Assessment
  • Transportation assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Addressing paternity issues
  • DNA testing
  • Assisting with the child support division
  • Assisting in obtaining custody as a permanency plan
  • Conducting visitation with clients and their children
  • Home-Based Therapy
  • Providing services to the co-parent

Support groups offered to help strengthen positive relationships: