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Family Preservation

Family laughing on basketball court

Circle Around Families is Geminus’ Family Preservation Program. It is a system of care that can enhance the quality of life for children with emotional/behavioral problems and everyone within their families.

Our program works with and obtains referrals from Lake County, Indiana Juvenile Justice Court System and the Indiana Department of Child Services

The program’s primary mission is to coordinate an array of services that will allow the child and family to enjoy improved relationships within the home and community. All goals for improvement and all steps toward achieving them are established within the agreement of a wraparound team, which centers on the child and focuses on the family.

This collaborative approach helps the family build upon the natural strengths the child and family already have, and increases the likelihood of having a successful outcome.

The Circle Around Families Wraparound Process will…

  • Determine the family strengths and needs.
  • Assist the family in developing and implementing an individualized care plan.
  • Obtain necessary services identified by the care plan.
  • Monitor access to and provision of services, and continually measure their quality.
  • Coordinate links to other family support providers.
  • Support the family during transition to other services.