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Batterer’s Intervention

The Geminus Abuse Intervention Management is an Indiana State Certified Batterer’s Intervention Program in Lake County for men and women. Our program helps participants address the root causes of domestic violence and recognize the effects of their behavior.

All of the program facilitators are certified in Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs through the Duluth Model. The program is 26 weeks and meets once a week for 1 ½ hours.

This program offers:

  • Group services that work with individuals identified as the perpetrator of the domestic violence incident.
  • Focuses on participant responsibility and accountability for their beliefs and actions.
  • Actively challenges all abusive behaviors, victim blaming and the underlying causes and roots of domestic violence.
  • Effective strategies diffusing the onset of rage.
  • Seeking to implement strategies of non-abusive and non-controlling behaviors.

Meetings are offered in person or through Zoom. Location, time and group can be found on the Events calendar.

Referrals are accepted from the Lake County Indiana Department of Child Services, Lake County Court System, Lake County Superior Court, Lake County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lake County Public Defender.