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Truancy prevention

Truancy Prevention

The truancy prevention program (Mediation Before Escalation) administered by Geminus partners with school corporations in Lake County to assist families with truancy issues. These issues are addressed prior to any involvement with the Lake County Juvenile Court and the Lake County Department of Child Services.

The truancy prevention program acts as the liaison between the local city or town court, school and family to address factors resulting in truancy issues. The program offers a variety of home-based services and resources to assist families and prevent the intervention of the Lake County Department of Child Services.

Truancy prevention program coordinators are trained in the use of mediation techniques, parenting skills and child development principles that are helpful in resolving conflicts between families and schools.


  • Re-engage students and parents with communication.
  • Get parents involved in the education process.
  • Educate both the parent and child on what causes truancy.
  • Educate both the parent and child on preventing future truancies.

Family Assistance

  • Crisis intervention
  • Mentoring/tutoring
  • Parenting education
  • Parent support group
  • Financial assistance
  • Review of town ordinance, school attendance policies & Indiana state codes
  • Linkage to long-term providers
  • Progress reports from school that reflect attendance and academics

Truancy Prevention Program Region 1